Baby does well

Posted on Sunday February 09, 2014

My new baby – Stories clouds tell – is doing nicely. Two weeks ago it popped into a welcoming world at Tweed Regional Gallery after an at-times agonising labour. Today the proud daddy talked about his creation to a receptive audience of family, friends, volunteer gallery guides and interested visitors.

The artist in conversation Image courtesy of Anouk Beck, Tweed Regional Gallery

The artist in conversation
Image courtesy of Anouk Beck, Tweed Regional Gallery

I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the exhibition. Not only has it hit the mark with many visitors, but a range of other artists have been very complimentary, including towards the paintings that were an accidental creation and that ‘flowed freely from the brush’ as they say in painting-land.

It’s also been heartening to see the response from children – most of them end up touching the sculptural works and are visibly happy to do this. I guess they don’t read the ‘No touching’ signs. It would be great to encourage touching of all my 3D works, because that’s what sculpture calls for, but it presents a problem for the gallery to manage touching in the other rooms. Today an audience member said she thought it would be great if my works could tour institutions for the visually impaired. Nice idea.

The exhibition runs until 30 March 2014. Tweed Regional Gallery, Murwillumbah, is open Wednesday – Sunday. If you’ve never been to the gallery, do so soon – it’s one of the select few (the DIA gallery at Beacon in upstate New York is another) that could exist as an empty building and still be worth visiting, for the views from its decks and slit windows.