Back In The Oz Studio

Posted on Monday August 06, 2012

After the shared excitement of working alongside other sculptors in the SVA studios in Manhattan, I was apprehensive about resuming work, alone, in my home studio back in Oz. But it’s going okay.

I think that’s because I’ve been able to restart work on a piece I didn’t get finished before I headed for the US in May, which has provided some focus and continuity. It’s one of my marble clouds, and it’s close to completion.

‘Low Cloud II’ almost ready for mounting

It’s a beautiful work to touch. Marble doesn’t just take on a fleshy transparency when it’s smoothed, it’s also fleshy to the touch. In a virtual world, this  an increasingly unusual – and potentially valuable – quality. When was the last time you were invited to touch an art work?

I’ve now started work on a much larger cloud. This one will be mounted on one of the lightweight columns I made earlier in the year. I’m using some of my mega-stash of Styrofoam to make the basic shape, which I’ll then cover in epoxy or fiberglass.  That’s if I don’t decide to leave the Styrofoam ‘as is’. I’m using two different colours of foam, and as I add on pieces it’s giving an interesting patchwork effect.

‘Cloud Column I’ early stage

This presents one of the main challenges for any artist – how to preserve the freshness and dynamism of those first few strokes. Maybe when we all switch over to using 3D software and 3D printers to make our physical works, this will no longer be an issue. We’ll just push the ‘back’ button and all will be well. With entry-level 3D printers now available for less than $1K, that day may not be far off.