Clouding Over? Nah, The Sun’s Shining Again

Posted on Saturday December 01, 2012

Two days ago, I was just about ‘over’ making my big cloud. Today, I’m ready to go all-out to get it finished. So why the change?

Last night my entry ‘Billow’ won third prize in the Border Art Prize 2012. ‘The Border” is open to all artists in the northeast NSW/southeast Queensland region, in all media except video, and it attracted almost 500 entries this year, which was whittled down to a mere 241 by a hardworking selection committee. The show was judged by Michael Rolfe, CEO of Museums & Galleries NSW.

The artist and his wo

The artist and his work

This year the show is being held at Tweed Regional Gallery at Murwillumbah, and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer space to be shown in – it’s a modern building with great spaces and lighting, and overlooks the Tweed Valley, so if you need a break from looking at the artworks you can stare out through slit windows at the most romantic pastoral views.

‘Billow’ is a cloud-inspired work in Carrara marble that I began last year in a workshop conducted by Syrian-born Italian sculptor Usama Alnassar. I did some reshaping this year and re-mounted it to give it a better sense of floating. The gallery staff did a great job of installing and lighting it, and the work fairly glowed and cast some beautiful shadows.

Billow and shadows

Billow and shadows

It’s always interesting at shows like this to hang back and see how viewers engage with your work. Last night, people just wanted to touch it – I think it’s a combination of the sensuous shape, and the amazing attraction that high-quality marble has. Tweed Gallery director Susi Muddiman told me that even she wanted to run her hands over it.

A hands-on work

A hands-on work

The show is on until January 13. Go if you can, and make time to have a coffee on the deck and take in the great views as well. And don’t forget your cheque book – most works are for sale. You could help an artist experience Christmas!