Miracle At Mullum: Legless Sitter Moves

Posted on Friday November 23, 2012

Back in 2010 I cast a large bronze figure whose legs ended at the knees, because of a) an arty-farty design decision and b) a shortage of time to make the lower legs. Since then she’s sat in our garden, unable to run away even if she wanted, which is unlikely because every spring she gets covered in jacaranda blossom, which is even better than a bath in ass’s milk.

The Sitter at home amid the jacaranda blooms

Recently a sculptor friend from uni days, Wendy Johnson, invited me to place a work at the Mullumbimby Civic Centre for the annual Mullum Music Festival, which runs this weekend. We all need a change of view sometime, so I asked The Sitter if she’d like an outing. “Ooh, yay, bring it on!” she squealed.

It took an hour to slide her 200-kilo bulk up a couple of planks onto the back of the trucklet, and another couple of hours to get her secured. Those who are squeamish about bondage should not look at the following pic, but I can say that it involved chains as well as the usual ropes and tapes.

Holy Shades of Grey!

Getting her off the ute at Mullum was easier, because she decided to separate herself from her seat, and there were a few people around to help lift her and her seat into place. For the next few days she’ll be able to enjoy some fantastic music and some different company. And don’t we all need that sometime?

Waiting for the music to start