Ooooh, the frustration!

Posted on Tuesday June 05, 2012

I’ve now been in NYC a week, doing my sculpture summer school, and all I’ve made is the tiny little cardboard model coffin you can (just) see in the piccie below.  That’s my studio space – all 9 feet by 7 – and besides the wee coffin, all I’ve got to show for the week is a heap of plans on the walls.

That’s all, folks…

I came here intending to make an interactive version of Seeing Myself Dead, in which a picture of the viewer’s face would be captured as they approached the coffin, and projected onto the blank face of the ‘corpse’ therein. The viewer’s response to seeing himself/herself lying there would then be captured via webcam, and re-projected onto a nearby screen (and possibly, tweeted onto my tumblr blog via facebook). But a combination of time lost – on last week’s orientation sessions, the TED event on Friday, and more blah-blah-blah today in critique session – and my declining interest in the project, is steering me towards Plan B.

I’m really missing working with my hands. So much so that today, I just had to get out of the place for a while (it’s not helping that we sculptors are working in the dungeon, with no idea of what’s happening outside) and I ended up outside the local lumber yard, staring wistfully at lengths of timber and bags of concrete mix.

My challenge is this: do I try to reinvent myself in a more contemporary medium, or do I work in materials I’m familiar with, and find something new to say? Or should I persist at all these changes? I guess anyone over 35 in the art world faces similar challenges. When I come up with an answer I’ll tweet you all.