Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Posted on Saturday March 09, 2013

When I started my big cloud in August last year, I didn’t know it would take over my life.

In October I thought I’d be finished in November. In November I thought Christmas would see it completed. Now, as March starts, the light at the end of the tunnel is growing.

And gee, it’s looking good. There’s been so much sanding, recoating, sanding, recoating, sanding that the form has smoothed out beautifully, and it’s looking even more figure-inspired. A friend ran his hands over it recently, savouring its bumps. “He’s a tits man”, his wife said. He was smiling.

The sanded form, bumps and all

The sanded form, bumps and all

When it’s sanded, the epoxy/pigment/filler mix looks like marble, with a beautiful translucency to it. I prefer that to the glossy finish that the epoxy sets with. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Before sanding - the glossy version

Before sanding – the glossy version

The ironic thing is that if I’d made it from marble, rather than epoxy over Styrofoam, I would have finished it long ago. That’s because carving is a reductive process (taking bits off the original, which makes it smaller) with sanding required only in the final stage, whereas the additive process I’m using (applying a coat of epoxy, sanding it, applying more, almost ad infinitum) requires sanding between the coats – six so far.

It’s the sanding that really takes the time. I just hope my fingertips hold out a little longer…