Starting school again

Posted on Thursday May 31, 2012

Well, it’s happened… yesterday morning I sharpened my coloured pencils, tied a dime (piece of American munny) in the corner of my handkerchief for playlunch, polished my shoes, swung my schoolbag over my shoulder and set out for my first day at SVA (School of Visual Art) in W 16th Street.

Miss Moscovitch, the head teacher for summer camp, greeted us all warmly with milk and cookies and told us a bit about school, then took us to our classrooms. I felt very grown-up – we didn’t have to sit on the mat together and lock our fingers, and we all had chairs!

I am in Mr Guzman’s Sculpture Class. There are eight of us. For a change I am not the oldest in the class. Two girls are older than me.

We did show & tell. There are two young girls in our class. They, like, had real, like, trouble, like, trying to, like, tell us, like, what their, like, work, like, was about, like. I think they must really like the word ‘like’. I was glad when their turn was over so I didn’t have to scream.

In the afternoon Mr Guzman took us into one of the workshops. He showed us heaps of cool stuff like 3D printers. These are really neat. You put some numbers in one end and out the other end comes a small model of a thing, like a wrench or a hamburger. Maybe if I put the right numbers in, it will print me out another 3D printer, so then I won’t need to ask Santa for one and can get him to give me a bicycle or a Playstation instead.

We also got to choose our ‘studio space’. This is like a small room where we go to be by ourselves and make stuff out of playdough and ice-cream sticks. We don’t even have to be naughty to be sent there.

My very own studio

Today Mr Jin showed us around the metalwork shop. We had to put on special glasses but they weren’t that special because I could see in 3D without them. He showed us lots of machines we can use to cut off our fingers. We all got to use a sort of ray-gun that he called a ‘MIG welder’. I wanted to shoot Billy with it but Mr Jin wouldn’t let me.

In the afternoon Mr Daniel showed us the woodwork shop. It has even more things we can use to cut off our fingers than in the metalwork shop. I tried out the table saw but I’m not very good at it because I’ve still got all my fingers. Mr Daniel said it’s a special saw and if we touch the blade it will stop straight away. I think he only told us that to spoil our fun.

I think it’s a really cool school and the teachers are nice. I am going to go back there tomorrow and lern some more.