Summertime, And The Weddings’re Easy

Posted on Thursday July 05, 2012

Oooh, don’t you just love a nice wedding? Here in Manhattan in the summertime you can’t go a weekend day without seeing white somewhere. Well, white people in white, anyway. I’m yet to see a black American wedding in Manhattan, but I guess it must happen.

These weddings seem so much more public than those back home in Australia. Everyone and everything is so on show – maybe it’s that Manhattan thing, where everyone is an actor in his/her own long-running production (A Day in the Life of X, Another Day in the Life of X, One Night in the Life of Y, etc etc etc). Whatever, everyone else on the street (me included) becomes an extra, or a member of the film crew.  It’s easy to feel part of it, because, in a sense, we are part of it.

Smile, girls

The joy of these events ripples through the street crowds, which is really nice. They’re occasions of, well, gayness, in the old sense of the word. Quite a few of them are also gay in the contemporary sense. New York legalized same-sex marriages in 2011, so there’s a backlog that’s washing through the system. Where my studio was based, Chelsea/Greenwich, is the gay capital of Manhattan, which is pretty evident especially on weekends.

How sweet is this? And don’t they look alike?

Okay, that’s enough pix to keep the girls happy. Here’s one for you boys. Yep, it’s a classic Checker cab. You’ll have seen these in many of the old schmaltzy films, and in less nuptial-focussed productions such as Taxi Driver (with Robert de Niro as the cabbie and Jodie Foster as a 12 year-old prostitute).

I want to marry it

The Checker cab is a great favourite for weddings, better even than having a stretch limo. It adds that authentic edge to the DVD movie of the wedding. That will be some consolation eight years down the track, which is the average duration here for weddings that end in divorce. Surprisingly though, a third of marriages here last 25 years. That’ll provide plenty of time to re-screen the movie.

Maybe, in one of them, I’ll be forever in the crowd-shot.