‘The Sitter’ Gets Friends

Posted on Monday November 26, 2012

I guess it had to happen – combine music, crowds of people, and a beer called Stone & Wood, and everyone starts to relax. Some people relax so much they need somewhere to sit down, and if there’s someone sharing the bench who’ll listen to a person without butting in, even better. That’s how it was at the Mullum Music Fest all weekend.

Sitter gets new friend

We went on Friday night. The Sitter already had close friends, and plenty of people wandered over to have their photo taken with her, so I guess by now she’s on Facebook pages all over the country. When I collected her this morning, she said it was the best weekend ever, and that she’d had more offers than you could poke a stick at, and so much free booze that she still felt legless. Duh.

The music was great too. This festival must be the most relaxed in the country. It’s spread across half a dozen venues in Mullumbimby, which is one of the last outposts of hippiedom around here. Everything’s in walking distance, but there’s a double-decker Magic Bus to ferry people around as well. Everyone we saw was chilled and happy.

The acts are mainly Australian Indie performers, and mostly they don’t give away much to the international headliners, who are world-class. We saw Malian guitar legend Boubacar Traore, who I’d caught last year in Northampton, Massachusetts, and who was fresh from an extensive tour in France and the UK, including WOMAD. He and his band (isn’t his harmonica player the best?) had everyone on their feet. Stupendous!

Boubacar Traore had us all up

We’ll be back there next year. The Sitter has already put in her request, too. See you there – it’s all too good to miss.